Thank You to Our PASR Day Sponsors

PASR is happy to announce that PASR Day, which was celebrated on June 28th, 2018 in honor of PASR’s 80th birthday, was a success across the state and in several of our out-of-state Chapters.

Members enjoyed a number of activities across the state, in the Diamond State Chapter, and in the Carolinas Chapter, including boat rides, an ice cream social, museum trips, picnics, attending sporting events, and even a trip to the zoo!

Not all of the events held were just for fun, however.  Many of the PASR Day events organized by local Chapters helped emphasize PASR’s commitment to the community and to the public education system.  Chapters were also busy getting information about PASR into the hands of other retirees, in addition to collecting donations of books, shoes, and non-perishable food items.  Mercer County dedicated their day to cleaning up and beautifying a one room schoolhouse. Likewise, many Chapters dedicated June 28th as a day of volunteering in their local communities.

And let’s not forget the impact of PASR Day Proclamations across the state. In Huntingdon County, the County Commissioner declared June “PASR Month” in honor of the service PASR provides to Huntingdon County residents.  Allegheny County received a County Council Proclamation.  Pittsburgh received a City Council Proclamation. Blair  County received a County Commissioners’ Proclamation. And finally, Governor Tom Wolf made a Gubernatorial Proclamation declaring June 28, 2018 PASR Day for the state of Pennsylvania.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the sponsors who helped make the day a success.

Sponsors of the State PASR Day event included:

  • Centric Bank
  • Cliff’s Tavern
  • Davis Vision
  • Eden Resort & Suites
  • EZ Solutions
  • Hear in America
  • Nationwide
  • PASR Board Member donations
  • Trispagonas Insurance
  • United Concordia
  • Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board

Raffle Donations for the State event were generously provided by:

  • Cumberland Chapter
  • DCPASR (Hershey Park tickets)
  • Giant Foods (gift certificates)
  • Hampton Inn (Overnight hotel stay)
  • Lancaster Chapter (Basket of “Summer Fun”)
  • Sandy Novotni (concert and Mount Gretna tickets)
  • Nationwide/Trispagonas Insurance (Emergency kits)

Lycoming Chapter Sponsors included:

  • Sara Helsman in memory of her sister, Susan Helsman
  • Carol McMurray
  • Virginia Springman

Lycoming Chapter Donors included:

  • Ben Franklin    (Clarkstown)
  • Giant Market  (Williamsport)
  • Kellogg’s          (Muncy)
  • Sam’s Club      (Muncy)
  • T. J. Market     (Hughesville)
  • Weis Market   (Williamsport)

Chester County PASR Day sponsors included:

  • Chester County PASR
  • Coatesville Senior Center

Erie Chapter Sponsors included:

  • Erie Zoo