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PASR organizational structure consists of thirteen regions. Twelve of those are found within the borders of the Commonwealth, and the thirteenth is made up of out-of-state Chapters.

Region 13: Out-of-State Chapters

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Regions vary in the number of chapters they serve depending on the population of their particular area of the state. Region III, the Northeastern Region, for example, is made up of twelve counties while Region I in the southeastern corner of the state consists of only four counties. Philadelphia is both a chapter and a region onto itself because of its size.

This level of organization has elected officers and is headed by the Region Director who by virtue of that office sits as a member of the PASR State Board of Directors. At this level there are also appointed committee chairmen who coordinate the work of their respective committees at the chapter level.

In addition to duties at the region level, region committee chairmen also sit as members of their respective state committees. For example, the chairman of the Legislative Committee in the region where you reside not only works with the chapters in your region but is a member of the State Legislative Committee as well. As a result, that person has a direct role in shaping the legislative agenda of our entire organization.

Regions are required by our state by-laws to hold two region meetings per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. These are attended by the officers and committee chairmen of the participating chapters and by general members as well.

There are no dues at the region level.

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