Member Benefits

Using the strength of its large membership, PASR has negotiated attractive group rates on a number of products and services. PASR endorses services and products as a value added benefit to its members and does not receive financial compensation for endorsement of any product or service.

The philosophy that has always governed PASR’s endorsement of commercial products is “Any financial benefits that might be derived from extending the PASR’s name to endorse a commercial product must accrue to the individual members who elect to purchase the product, not to the organization.” In short, PASR does not solicit commissions or rebates from the companies it endorses and insists that such considerations be passed on to the individuals in the form of lower prices. We do not endorse to raise monies but to provide an additional service to our membership. Expenses related to marketing of the endorsed programs are typically paid by the companies and not by the association. So, PASR’s endorsements do not cost the association or its members. The following endorsements offer members the opportunity to save—just another way that your PASR membership works on your behalf.

Amusement Parks

PASR has partnered with Dutch Wonderland, Idlewild & Soakzone, Kennywood, and many other amusement parks around the country to offer discounted pricing to all members of our association. There’s never been a better time to gather up the children and grandchildren for a family outing. To purchase these discounted online tickets, you must log onto the members’ only section of this website. (After log-in, click on Member Home, scroll down to Members’ Only Discounts/Benefits, Amusement parks discounted tickets, then follow the instructions.)


Annuities provide a confidence that you will not outlive your income. Fixed annuities can have a higher rate of return than other investments and help to turn your retirement savings into guaranteed income to last your lifetime. For more information, please call PISI at 1-800-382-1352.

Auto, Home, RV, and Motorcycle Insurance

Here’s to you for loving what you do. Nationwide salutes your commitment and passion for being a member of PASR. At Nationwide, we’re passionate about making a difference, too. It’s just one way we prove that we’re more than a business. Another way is helping our members save money on your car insurance. We have insurance available for other things too, including home, motorcycle, and RV insurance. Call 1-866-688-9144 or get a quote now.

Computer Purchases (PC)

The Dell Member Purchase Program makes it easy for PASR members to shop and save on Dell computers and equipment. The program gives you access to exclusive savings between 10 and 30 percent off select configurations of Dell systems not available to the general public on Members get the guaranteed best price on a selection of popular products loaded with features as well as companion security products, theft protection, computer care, and other great services. Plus, every PC comes with a 30-day price guarantee. If you find the identical Dell system configuration for less anywhere on the general public Dell site, PASR’s Dell Member Purchase Program will match the price. To obtain more information and your personalized savings code, please contact PASR at 717-697-7077 or log into the members’ only section of this web site and click on the link provided. (After log-in, click on Member Home, scroll down to Members’ Only Discounts/Benefits, Dell Computers discount, and follow the instructions.)

Computer Purchases (Mac)

The Apple Member Purchase Program makes it easy for PASR members to shop and save on Apple desktop computers and laptop computers. To purchase a Mac computer at discounted prices, please log onto the members’ only section of the web site and click on the link provided. (After log-in, click on Member Home, scroll down to Members’ Only Discounts/Benefits, Apple Computers discount, and follow of the instructions.)

Dental Insurance

Offered since 1991, the United Concordia dental services plan, administered by PISI, is one of the most popular programs provided by PASR. The price of a single service without insurance makes this plan easily pay for itself. For complete details on this benefit, please download the benefit summary. Want to compare our dental plan with the competition? Click here. Under the members’ only section, state members can download a printable dental application, as well as an authorization for monthly withdrawal form to help facilitate payments. (After log-in, click on Member Home, scroll down to Members’ Only Discounts/Benefits, Davis Vision Insurance application, and follow the instructions.) For more information, please call PISI at 1-800-382-1352.

Emergency Response System Provider

Medical Alarm Conceptsmedical_alarm-logo is a personal emergency response system provider. What makes this system unique is that this medical alert system allows you to speak and listen directly through the wearable pendant transmitter, called a MediPendant™. When the large button on the pendant is pressed, a telephone call is made to an EMT-certified emergency operator. The operator will immediately dispatch medical personnel or a loved one to your location. They will also contact anyone that you have listed on your custom call list. PASR members are offered a special discount off the monthly cost of the MediPendant™ PERS, which equates to less than $1 a day to provide you or a loved one with peace of mind. Getting started is easy because there is no service contract required and no cost for the equipment. As an added bonus, Medical Alarm Concepts will provide participating PASR members with a door emergency lockbox free-of-charge. This convenient device allows you to safely and securely store a key to your residence so that emergency personnel can gain access without breaking in and causing unnecessary damage to your home. For more information or to request a free detailed brochure, call Medical Alarm Concepts at 1-800-262-4239.

Global Emergency Plan

Assist America Global Emergency Plan provides assistance 24/7 when you travel more than 100 miles from your home, including medical consultation and emergency medical evacuation. Coverage also includes 24/7 TeleDoc (access to a board certified physician by phone or video consultation) and Emergency Roadside Assistance (24-hour coverage up to $125 per event if your vehicle becomes disabled.) For more information, please call PISI at 1-800-382-1352.

Hearing Aid Services


The Hear In America hearing plan provides PASR members and their spouses with a free hearing screening through a monitored provider network. For those members who wish to purchase hearing aids, substantial discounts off manufacturers’ list prices are offered, as well as lifetime cleanings and checkup services, discounts on batteries, and additional warranties. This plan is offered through PASR without any fees to participate. For more information, call Hear in America at 1-800-286-6149.

Legal Assistance

legalAccessPlans_logoIn life, the unexpected happens. That is where Legal Access Plans, L.L.C. can help by allowing you to make an informed decision and select the right attorney for your specific needs. Common issues such as wills and estate planning can easily make this program pay for itself. However, in today’s litigious society, where even a minor fender bender can quickly escalate to a bigger issue, it is also important to know you can protect yourself against something major. This plan covers you, your spouse, eligible dependents, your parents, and even your spouse’s parents! For more information, please call PISI at 1-800-382-1352.

Pisi_logoLong-Term Care and Final Expense Life Insurances

If you need home health care or care in an assisted living facility or a nursing home, the costs for this custodial care can easily approach $60,000 a year or more! Most people cannot afford these continued expenses without some help. PASR has negotiated arrangements with some of the most highly rated and stable long term care insurance companies to offer individualized plans so that members may choose the one that best suits their needs. PASR members can receive policy premium-discounts as high as 40 percent! Many of the companies offer a five to ten percent reduction in premium—just for being a member of PASR.

Final expense life insurance provides peace of mind that you have taken care of your final expenses so your loved ones won’t have to. Families may need to make many important decisions following the death of a loved one. In addition to those decisions, funeral and burial expenses, debt balances and health care bills can quickly add up. Survivors may find themselves left in debt, on top of grieving for their lost loved one. PASR has partnered with PISI to bring you final expense life Insurance, offered by “A rated” insurance companies, which features guaranteed level premiums for life, access to cash value in times of need, and easy application—no medical exam and a one-page application form. Take the steps now to plan for your future.  For more information on either of these products, call PISI at 1-800-382-1352.

Orlando Attractions/Vacation Discount

Save up to 35 percent on your Orlando vacation! Orlando Employee Discounts offers exclusive pricing on hotels and vacation homes in or nearby Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando, as well as discounts on tickets for Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, Sea World, and all Orlando area theme parks and attractions. PASR members can also receive advantageous pricing on Caribbean cruises through Disney and Royal Caribbean, as well as discounts on rental cars through AvisBudget. To take advantage of these discounts, you must log onto the members’ only section of the PASR website. (After log-in, click on Member Home, scroll down to Members’ Only Discounts/Benefits, Orlando attractions/vacation discount, and follow the instructions.)

Moving Services

Moving can be one of life’s biggest stressors. With northAmerican MyHomeBenefits, you can alleviate some of this stress by hiring a reliable, trustworthy mover. Through northAmerican MyHomeBenefits, PASR members can take advantage of long distance and international moving, professional packing and unpacking services, and household storage. For more information, please call B. F. Fields Moving and Storage at 1-800-223-5309.

PetplanPet Insurance

PASR is now offering Petplan pet insurance to our members. You already expect the unexpected with your pets, but what about when it comes to their vet bills? The truth is, unexpected vet bills happen more often than you think, and they cost you more than you would care to imagine.Petplan pet insurance can help. Petplan insurance helps you pay your unexpected vet bills so if your pets have an accident or become ill, your first thoughts can be about their care, not your budget. For more information, call PISI at 1-800-382-1352.

boscovs_blueTravel Services

With your PASR membership, Boscov’s Travel is ready to arrange your individual and family trips, a scheduled motorcoach tour, group cruise, or a customized group tour exclusively for PASR members and companions. PASR members automatically receive a discount on selected travel products. Not only will members save money as a result of their PASR membership, but the discount will also extend to the member’s traveling companions. Members that use a Boscov’s credit card to pay for their travel will earn reward points, which can be redeemed for Boscov’s gift card certificates to be used toward any Boscov’s merchandise. PASR members can book travel online through the Boscov’s Travel website. Take advantage of its unique money saving features for booking airfares. For more information, visit your local Boscov’s Travel Center or call 1-866-433-3812.

Vision Insurance


With the Davis Vision vision program, administered by PISI, you will quickly and clearly “see” the benefits to being a part of the group. By joining other PASR members, you have the availability of comprehensive vision benefits with competitive group rates. With the low cost to be a part of this program, participation easily pays for itself whether it be on the exam, glasses, contacts, the unconditional breakage warranty, or even the discounted laser vision correction. Coverage is available for you, your partner, and your dependents. For complete details on this benefit, please download the benefit summary. Under the members’ only section, state members can download a printable vision application. (After log-in, click on Member Home, scroll down to Members’ Only Discounts/Benefits, Davis Vision Insurance application, and follow the instructions.) For more information, call PISI at 1-800-382-1352.

Wholesale Club Discounts

BJs_logoPASR’s wholesale program will not only give you access to unbelievable storewide savings but will also save you money on your membership to BJ’s Wholesale Club. As the largest wholesale chain in the eastern United States, you can use any of their stores located across the East Coast from Maine to Florida—whether beginning new service or renewing an existing membership! We are not talking just your regular type of grocery store either; besides regular household products, you can save on tires, eyeglasses, jewelry, gasoline, electronics, clothes, and more! You will save nearly half the cost of PASR dues just on your BJ’s membership. For your convenience, a printable application is available for download in the members’ only section. (After log-in, click on Member Home, scroll down to Members’ Only Discounts/Benefits, BJs Wholesale Club application, and follow the instructions.) For more information, contact PASR at 717-697-7077.