Pass a COLA for PSERS annuitants in 2024!!

Urge your state Senator and Senate leaders to pass Cost of Living Adjustment legislation for PSERS annuitants!

Please provide your street address in order to accurately look up your State Senator.

You can edit the body of the message below to include any personal information about your need for a COLA or to otherwise make the message more personalized.

You will not, however, be able to edit the salutation, as that will be automatically filled in when you submit your letter and it will automatically be sent to your Senator and key leaders in the PA budget process. 

Your message will be sent to: Your state Senator (based upon your address); Joe Pittman (Republican Majority Leader of the Senate); Scott Martin (Republican Senator and Chair of the Appropriations Committee); Kim Ward (Republican Senator and President Pro Tempore); Vincent Hughes (Democratic Senator and Minority Chair of the Appropriations Committee); Jay Costa (Democratic Senator and Minority Leader); and Cris Dush (Republican Senator and Chair of the State Government Committee)

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I am writing to you today regarding a very important issue.

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