Board Committees

  • By-Laws Committee: The By-Laws Committee shall study and recommend revisions of the state by-laws to the Board as the need arises and review proposed changes to chapter constitutions and/or by-laws to provide continued consistency between the state by-laws and the constitutions and/or by-laws established by its chartered chapters.
  • Chapter Outreach Committee: The Chapter Outreach Committee shall review and render assistance to chapters in need of organizational, financial or leadership services so that they may grow and strengthen their membership.
  • Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall act for the PASR Board of Directors in any emergency that may arise, facilitate coordination and communication of the activities of PASR’s various committees, render annual performance appraisals of the executive director, and perform such other tasks as may be periodically assigned to it by the Board.
  • Finance Committee: The Finance Committee shall review the receipts, expenditures and investments of the association; monitor the activities of the individuals and institutions employed by the association to render accounting and investment services; and prepare the budget for the ensuing year.
  • Personnel Committee: The Personnel Committee shall review items of finance and employment policies as related to the employed personnel of the association and propose recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding such matters.
  • Policy Committee: The Policy Committee shall be responsible for all matters dealing with policy concerning the operation of the state organization or region organizations.

State Committees

  • Community Service Committee: The Community Service Committee plans activities to meet the need for improving and extending benefits for retirees and to encourage further services by retirees for the benefit of the community.
  • Educational Support Committee: The Educational Support Committee shall establish relations with governmental entities, school employee unions, administrator groups, and other organizations involved in public education; evaluate proposals and programs intended to improve or provide support to public education in the Commonwealth; identify or develop programs providing support to public education in which PASR members may be encouraged to participate; and promote and administer the PASR educational support grants.
  • Leadership Development Committee: The Leadership Development Committee shall conduct annual orientation programs for PASR’s incoming region directors and chapter presidents, review requests from PASR’s state committees for special projects and/or meetings, and issue recommendations to the Board concerning appropriations from PASR’s Leadership Development Fund.
  • L/PEC Committee: The Legislative/Political Education Committee (L-PEC) shall concern itself with the enactment of legislation at both the state and national levels which affects the welfare of retired personnel and recommend special procedures for securing action on pending legislation in accordance with the general policies for legislative activity established by the PASR Board of Directors. It shall also solicit voluntary contributions from PASR members, administer the Legislative/Political Education Fund in support of PASR’s legislative objectives and programs, provide the PASR membership with information about the political candidates and the positions of interest to PASR, and encourage PASR members to become actively involved in supporting the candidates of their choice.
  • MB&S Committee: The Member Benefits and Services (MB&S) Committee shall promote the well-being of retired school employees by helping them obtain the services and information they need to solve or avoid financial and personal problems and review and recommend the endorsement of member benefits and services that may be provided by commercial or other non-profit entities to PASR members statewide or regionally.
  • Membership & Retirement Planning Committee: The Membership & Retirement Planning Committee shall initiate the planning and presentation of programs on various aspects of membership recruitment and retirement planning for public and private school employees and their spouses who are close to retirement or already retired; and those interested in public education.
  • Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee shall recommend to the PASR Board of Directors a slate of nominees for the offices of president-elect, vice president, treasurer and assistant treasurer and advise the Board on matters pertaining to the election of the officers.
  • Recreo Committee: The Recreo Committee will develop, coordinate, and promote programs providing educational and/or recreational opportunities for PASR members.
  • SSMHF Committee: The Social Services Memorial Honor Fund (SSMHF) Committee will promote growth and the proper utilization of the PASR Memorial Honor Fund; assist members who are in need of moral support and financial aid; and encourage the work of the local chapters in activities related to services for unfortunate retirees who, due to illness or old age, are confined to their homes, hospitals or nursing homes.