John J. Dillon PASR Service Award

The John J. Dillon PASR Service Award, which began in 2004, provides the opportunity for chapters to recognize individuals that have given service to the Association. Dr. John J. Dillon was a past president of the Association who was a consummate PASR volunteer. He held a record thirty-eight positions in PASR, ranging from the local to the state level.

Dr. Dillon retired from the Superintendent’s position in the Brentwood Area School District in 1986. Continuing his concern for education and his peers he immediately became a member of PASR. During his twenty-one years as a member he provided tremendous service to the organization. He was greatly involved at the chapter and region level, but most especially at the state level where he was an instrumental figure in helping PASR to become what it is today. He served as president of PASR in 1994 and 1995.

PASR wanted to develop a way to recognize the outstanding service provided to the Association by individual volunteers at the local, region, and/or state level. Since Dr. Dillon was an ideal member, the PASR Board of Directors decided to name this recognition award in his honor.

Each chapter may grant the John J. Dillon PASR Service Award annually to the member of its choice. The Executive Committee for each chapter may nominate one person to receive this recognition. Eligible candidates include any volunteer serving PASR at the local, region, or state level except a current chapter president, region director, region representative, or statewide officer.

An annual listing of the John J. Dillon PASR Service Award recipients is produced, framed, and hung on display at PASR Headquarters in the John J. Dillon Hall of Fame. Additionally, a certificate is provided to the chapter president for presentation by the chapter to its honoree.