Social Service Memorial Honor Fund

PASR’s Social Service Memorial Honor Fund (SSMHF) Committee is organized and prepared to help members in every local chapter of PASR across the state and in several chapters located outside of the Commonwealth. The Committee has more than 500 highly dedicated and caring volunteers prepared to assist any member of PASR who may find himself/herself in need of some form of assistance.

The Unexpected Happens

Retirement was supposed to be enjoyable.  But for one PASR member a catastrophic accident happened. Now he’s on a ventilator for life and his savings have been depleted. In four years he reached the million dollar medical cap for insurance and now he only has medicare coverage. PASR is now assisting with his financial dilemma through the Memorial Honor Fund (MHF). This fund was created by PASR to assist chapter and state members in need of financial and emotional support.

Who Are the Members in Need?

Retirees who:

  • became ill and are confined to their home, hospital, or skilled nursing facility,
  • became a victim of a catastrophe,
  • nor experience severe financial stress.

What is the Fund Used For?

The fund exists to help members in need, to provide moral support, offer financial assistance, and to provide gifts and visits to the sick and “homebound.” Contributions to the MHF are used entirely for helping members in times of emotional and financial distress.  All administrative costs are paid from the PASR General Fund, not taken from contributions to the MHF.

Since the SSMHF’s inception, the Association has provided more than $100,000 in direct financial aid to members in serious need.  For some, the assistance has come in the form of a monthly  stipend to help with ongoing living expenses. For most, the Fund has helped fix or buy something the person could otherwise not have afforded.  Hundreds of needy members have benefitted over the years from home repairs in the wake of fires and tornadoes, car repairs, purchase of handicapped equipment, debt reduction, etc. — all provided through the generous contributions that members gave to the MHF.

The greatest activity supported by the Fund is the service provided each year by the 500 plus SSMHF volunteers.

woman with poinsettiasNearly $40,000 is given each year to  the local chapters of PASR  to assist members at the local level who become ill and/or confined to nursing homes.  In 2006, the volunteers helped more than 3,000 members statewide in these unfortunate situations.

Often, emotional support is more important than direct financial assistance. The funds provided to the local chapters help the volunteers purchase cards and gifts for members in need. Cards are regularly sent to members who become ill. Gifts and various necessities are brought to members that are ill, shut-in or living in nursing homes. Flowers, baskets and all manner of little gifts are often used in conjunction with a volunteer visiting these people in need.  This is one of the most important functions of PASR, taking care of its members in need.  All members should know that they will never be alone during their times of greatest need, thanks to the generous contributions members have made to the MHF and the tremendous service provided by the local SSMHF volunteers.

Contributions Make It Possible

It is only through donations that the SSMHF is able to continue to assist these members in need. Approximately $50,000 is spent each year to help our members. If you are able to make a contribution and help PASR continue assisting members in need, please download and complete our donation form. We welcome and gratefully acknowledge donations made in memory of individuals or to honor persons for their achievements.