Our Association

PASR is an association comprised of members who are all retired employees of the public schools of Pennsylvania. We are former teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses, secretaries, aides, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, maintenance staff—in short, anyone who is now receiving a pension from the Pennsylvania School Employees Retirement System (PSERS). PASR’s mission is “To serve others in need and help one another enjoy retirement.”

From 1937 and until the early 1980s, the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees (PASR) was the only organization in Pennsylvania serving the needs and interests of retired public school employees. Over the years, PASR has worked closely with all of the organizations representing active school employees and received support from all of the organizations in encouraging teachers, administrators, and school support personnel to join together and support PASR in retirement.

As divisions of the active organizations, most of the other retiree groups were organized and operate primarily to provide support to the goals and objectives of the active members of the organization and secondarily to promote the needs and interests of the retirees themselves. The retiree groups are subsidiaries to and governed by the parent, active member organizations.

Unlike all of the other retiree groups, PASR is a totally independent, voluntary membership organization. It consists of, is governed by, and works exclusively to serve the needs and interests of all school retirees — regardless of the positions held or the organizations to which its members belonged prior to retirement. Its officers, board members, and chapter presidents are all elected by the members. All serve for limited terms on a strictly volunteer basis.

Membership in PASR is strictly voluntary. The state association of PASR does not bestow gift memberships to individuals upon retirement or otherwise count as members anyone who has not chosen to become members of the association with the self-payment of dues. Many of the active employee organizations provide gift memberships in their retirement divisions to their members upon retirement.

PASR is organized at the local, region, state, and national levels; however, unlike many of the other organizations, PASR does not compel participation and support of all levels. It does not have a unified dues structure. PASR local chapters establish their own dues structures, as does PASR’s national affiliate—the NRTA division of AARP. Members may elect to join and support whichever level(s) they choose.

PASR encourages all school retirees to accept the gift memberships and join the retired membership divisions of the organizations that served them when they were working in the schools. Let’s continue to support our active colleagues. They need our help!

However, remember that we must also help and serve ourselves—the retired school employees of the Commonwealth. We must join and work together to serve the common needs and interests of all school retirees. Join our thriving community!