Using the strength of it’s large membership, PASR has negotiated attractive group rates on a number of products and services. PASR endorses services and products as a value added benefit to it’s members and does not receive financial compensation for our endorsement of any product or service.


PASR is an association comprised of members who are all retired employees of the public schools of Pennsylvania. We are former teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses, secretaries, aides, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, maintenance staff—in short, anyone who is now receiving a pension from the Pennsylvania School Employees Retirement System (PSERS). PASR’s mission is To serve others in need and help one another enjoy retirement.

PASR was established in 1937 and is a pioneer of nonprofit voluntary membership organizations nationally—having helped establish both the National Retired Teachers’ Association in 1947 and the nation’s largest senior organization, AARP, in 1958.

Currently, there are approximately 70 local PASR chapters. Most are found throughout the state of Pennsylvania, which has been divided into twelve geographic regions within the state. In addition, a thirteenth region exists to service out-of-state members from Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, and the Carolinas. Click on the Local Associations tab at the top of our home page for a complete listing of our available region and chapter web sites via the interactive region map. In addition, this is where you can find a link to the listing of the PASR state board of directors.


Dues at the state level are $60 annually or $700 for a life membership (or half-life membership dues, two payments of $350). It’s easy to become a PASR member. Join online or download an application and remit to PASR, 878 Century Dr., Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. For additional information about PASR’s various levels of organization, please contact our state headquarters.


Although chapters and regions are our grassroots units, the heart of our association is at the state level. Here the elected officers and our staff direct and undertake the activities of PASR on a daily basis. It is at this level that policies are established to guide and direct the activities of the region and chapter levels, and it is from our headquarters in Mechanicsburg that significant support and assistance is given to our chapters and regions to help them better meet the needs of PASR members.

The state headquarters also serves as the hub for disseminating important information to the entire membership. Four times a year, the PASR Newsletter is published and mailed to all PASR members. Occasionally, e-mail bulletins are sent out as special needs arise, such as legislative alerts. PASR’s website is also an integral part of our state level efforts to keep members and prospective members informed of our association’s activities.

Throughout the year, committee chairs from across the state attend meetings at headquarters to work on matters pertaining to their respective committees. These meetings are an important part of the “two-way” communications that exists between our state leadership and the grassroots units, making PASR such an effective organization.