Senator Blake to introduce pension reform

A local lawmaker plans to introduce legislation that could give school districts pension relief. At his annual legislative breakfast Friday, Sen. John Blake, D-22, Archbald, told attendees his plan would save schools $80 million immediately.

Talking a good game on pension reform

Redesigning government is cool in Pennsylvania these days. But there’s one makeover that’s taken on a third rail of politics quality in many quarters of the state Capitol: Fixing the biggest legislative mistake of the last political generation.

Wolf wants pension fund management change

With Pennsylvania facing a multi-billion-dollar structural deficit and legislative majorities firmly against broad-based tax increases, Governor Tom Wolf has resorted to some creative money management in his 2017-18 budget proposal.

No excuse for pension misinformation

There’s no excuse for pension misinformation, even when it’s a great cause. Public pensions will again be an issue this budget season – I know, I’m just as depressed writing that as you are reading it.

Butler Chapter gives Woodson Awards

Two district employees — Charlesa Fassinger, a world language and gifted education teacher at Mars Area High School, and Robert Elliott, a custodian at the elementary school — received awards from the Butler County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees.