Pension reform plan bites the dust

A last-minute effort to make monumental changes to the pension plan that would be offered to future state government and public school employees on Wednesday fell off the rails as the two-year legislative session nears its end.

General Assembly tees up pension reform bill

After four years of kicking around various proposals to reform the two state pension systems, it appears a potential landmark plan that would alter the plans for future state government and public school employees is poised to get a vote in the General Assembly on Wednesday.

Just in Time for Halloween: Pension Franken-Reform

With Halloween in a few weeks, not long after the General Assembly ostensibly wraps up its legislative session, we could be soon witnessing the birth of a pension monster-of-sorts. Call it Franken-reform: A potential effort to throw together several retirement plan options from which new hires—maybe even legislators—will be required to choose.